statue athéna bronze

3 watchers. Watch; Athena Pallas Giustiniani Statue 3D Printed Replica Sculpture Art SMK Museum. 9.5" Pallas Athena Bust Sculpture Ancient Greek Goddess Athena Statue . J. Athena was the tutelary deity of Athens and the goddess of wisdom and warriors. Other articles where Athena Promachos is discussed: Athens: The Acropolis: …30-foot-high bronze seated statue of Athena Promachos (Athena Who Fights in the Foremost Ranks), by the 5th-century-bce Athenian sculptor Phidias, was set up in the open behind the Propylaea, her gleaming helmet and spear visible to mariners off Cape Sunium (Soúnion) 30 miles away. or Best Offer +$21.95 shipping. PROVENANCE: Private collection E. B., Barcelona. Free shipping. Free shipping. PUBLICATIONS: - Christie's New York, Antiquities, 5 - 6 December 2001, lot 619. 13.5" Leonidas Greek Warrior King Statue Sculpture Figurine Spartan Decor ... *** NEW *** PEGASUS HORSE REARING GREEK MYTHOLOGY Statue Sculpture Bronze Finish. $38.99. $59.00. Vintage Athena Bronze AOHNA Statue Made Greece ( 10 3/16in ) $110.00. Free shipping . Statue of the goddess Athena CULTURE: Roman PERIOD: 1st Century AD MATERIAL: Bronze DIMENSIONS: Height 20.8 cm (22.5 cm with the rods for the piece to be fixed into a support.) The Athena Promachos (Ἀθηνᾶ Πρόμαχος, "Athena who fights in the front line") was a colossal bronze statue of Athena sculpted by Pheidias, which stood between the Propylaea and the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and warriors and the protectress of Athens. Watch; Parthenon Temple Acropolis Athens Greek Goddess Athena Statue Sculpture . Add to compare. Buy It Now. The unveiling was a huge affair, with more … Popular . Acquired from a private German collection. From Greece. The Cult Statue The Temple of Athena Chalkioikos contained a bronze statue created by a local man, called was the Lakonians many years afterwards who erected the Temple and the bronze statue, which was made by a local man, Gitiadas. $53.55. The towering Athena is the largest indoor statue in the United States, according to LeQuire's website. $78.30. - Aisthetike. CAPITOLINE WOLF SHEWOLF ROMULUS BRONZE SCULPTURE ON MARBLE BASE FIGURINE FIGURE Total Dimensions: Height 16'' x Width 23'' Approximate Weight: 40 LBS Original Reproduction: Reproduction The statue itself is a two toned patina, dark and with an antique rustic green accentuating... $599.00 Add to wishlist. The Athena Parthenos, a colossal gold and ivory statue of the goddess Athena created between 447 and 438 BC by the renowned ancient Athenian sculptor Pheidias (lived c. 480 – c. 430 BC) that originally stood in the naos of the Parthenon on the Athenian Akropolis, is one of the most famous of all ancient Greek statues.. Overall: 60 The Athena Promachos (Ἀθηνᾶ Πρόμαχος "Athena who fights in the front line") was a colossal bronze statue of Athena sculpted by Pheidias, which stood between the Propylaea1 and the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. The statue is nearly complete, except for part of the left foot and the attributes, and is particularly interesting for all the details which are preserved intact. The statue of Athena is apparently an original creation of the 4th century, which was buried as part of a cache of bronze statues following the sack of Athens by Sulla in 86 BC. … Sold Out. Neoclassical large bronze and gilt bronze sculpture of Athena, depicting the goddess wearing helmet, holding wreath in one hand and in the other a tall five arm candelabrum, base with various scenes in relief including cherub riding horse and wielding a caduceus, other motifs include medusa heads, acanthus leaves, and more, mounted to parcel gilt faux marble base.

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