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Alle Produkte zum Nachrüsten für Ihren Audi A1 Typ GB ab Modelljahr 2019 bis heute. Next . Your Audi A1 is equipped with a headlight range control to prevent oncoming traffic from being dazzled when the Audi A1 is heavily laden. Audi A1 Sportback 25 TFSI (man. 360. Pricing options. 360. KfZ Steuer: Kosten des Audi A1 mit TDI Dieselmotoren. 39 versions available. One section of the Audi A1 data sticker is attached to the inside cover of the Service Schedule before the Audi A1 is handed over. Audi A1(233) 8X(206) GB(143) Audi A3(204) 8V(187) 8P(124) 8L(107) Audi A4(199) 8W(189) 8K(117) 8E(107) 8D(107) Audi A5(177) F5(161) 8T/8F(121) Audi A6(202) 4A(153) 4G(166) 4F(116) 4B(107) Audi A7(137) 4K(128) 4G(109) Audi A8(148) 4N(139) 4H(114) 4E(106) Audi Q2(192) GA(192) Audi Q3(196) F3(142) 8U(169) Audi Q5(162) FY(148) 8R(123) Audi Q7(175) 4M(163) 4L(119) Audi Q8(121) 4M(121) Audi … Audi A1 GB. A1 Sportback Your A1 Sportback. 360. Audi A1 2020 (70) 35 TFSI S Line 5dr S Tronic Auto £24,950; Semi Automatic; 3k; milesPetrol; Full Details. The Audi A1 Sportback offers premium build and engineering to the smallest car in the Audi range. Our Latest Audi A1 Car Lease Deals. Audi A1 Sportback GB 35 TFSI (110kW) (150 hp) Audi A1 Sportback GB 40 TFSI (147kW) (200 hp) Audi A1 Citycraver GB 25 TFSI (70kW) (95 hp) Audi A1 Citycraver GB 30 TFSI (85kW) (116 hp) 2015 - 2018 (gen 8X FL) Audi A1 Sportback 8X FL 1.0 TFSI (70kW) (95 hp) Audi A1 Sportback 8X FL 1.4 TFSI (92kW) (125 hp) Audi A1 Sportback 8X FL 1.4 TFSI (110kW) (150 hp) Audi A1 Sportback 8X FL 1.4 TDI (66kW) … From five spoke to multi spoke wheel styles and a huge array of colour options we are sure you will find your perfect set of A1 GB alloy wheels here. Diese kosten zwischen 24 und 104 Euro Kfz Steuer pro Kalenderjahr. Read more. Used Audi A1 S Line cars for sale. The Audi A1 Sportback (type GB) focuses on safety, comfort and convenience, and offers a range of assist systems which enhance the driving experience and reduce the risks involved in driving as far as possible. 21 Varianten des Audi A1 GB von 20.032 € (A1 25 TFSI Sportback, 95 PS) bis 29.049 € (A1 40 TFSI Sportback S tronic, 200 PS) finden Sie übersichtlich im Auto-Katalog von Item no. Mad Motors stocks and supplies all audi a1 car body kits, audi a1 body kits uk, audi a1 full body kits, audi a1 bodykits uk, audi a1 car spoilers, audi a1 car side skirts, audi a1 bumper, audi a1 bumpers, audi a1 side skirts, audi a1 bonnets, audi a1 front bumper, audi a1 rear bumper, audi a1 wide kits, audi a1 … When the Audi A1 was launched in 2018, Max knew one thing immediately: “This is my dream car!”. This makes it easy to find suitable products for your Audi . The A1 (GB) Sportback model is a Hatchback car manufactured by Audi, with 5 doors and 4 seats, sold new from year 2019 to 2019, and available after that as a used car. A1 citycarver (since 2020) A1 Sportback (since 2019) A1 Sportback (2015-2018) A1 Sportback (2012-2014) S1 Sportback (2015-2018) Next . Auswählen - Bestellen - Losfahren. 360. 66 Antworten Neuester Beitrag am 5. In Europe and elsewhere, it is a distinct alternative among small cars. It competes with cars such as the Mini Hatch, Volkswagen Polo and DS 3. Special Offer. Audi A1 8X, Audi A3 8P, Audi A3 8V, Audi A4 8K, Audi A4 8W, Audi A5 8T, Audi A5 F5, Audi A6 4F, Audi A6 4G *If you want to learn more information about Audi hidden … Audi A1 citycarver 25 TFSI (man. He went for the version with the two-liter TFSI with 200 horsepower. 2 is under the carpet trim in the luggage compartment in the spare wheel well. Base model . 8 versions available. Audi A1 1.5 35TFSI (148bhp) Petrol (16v) FWD (1498cc) - GB (2018-2020) Hatchback SELECT. More; A1 Sportback; Trim; Engine; Exterior; Interior; Equipment; Accessories; Your A1 Sportback; Your A1 Sportback Technik 25 TFSI 5-speed. 360. At we have a vast selection of alloy wheels for Audi A1 GB. On Audi A1s with halogen headlights, the thumbwheel Fig. Personal. £200.86 per month inc VAT. Fuel economy reaches 50 mpg on some models, while the fastest option offers 200 bhp. Audi A1-GB (2019- ) Showing all 12 results. This … Audi A1 (GB) Sportback 35 TFSI Engine Technical Data Even though it's the smallest Audi in the range, the A1 has the heft and panache that you'd want from a car bearing the Audi name. €289.00 * Details . 18" 82A 601 025 AB LK: 5x100 MZ: 57,0 Audi A1 Sportback 25 Tfsi Technik 5dr. The OBD Coding Dongle encodes the vehicle after retrofitting the original Auto Hold / Hill Start Assist for the Audi A1 GB . Audi A1 2017 (17) 1.6 TDI S Line 3dr £11,250; Manual; 46.3k; milesDiesel; Full Details. Read more. A dream that the mechanical engineering student made come true in 2019. 360. Where do they make the Audi A1? Remember. Im Audi A1 sind mit dem 1.0 TFSI, dem 1.2 TFSI sowie dem 1.4 TFSI und 1.8 TFSI durchzugsstarke Benzinmotoren mit einem Leistungsspektrum von 82 – 256 PS verbaut. Door control parts Highline for Audi A1 GB, for the exchange of ECUs, a diagnostic system (eg ODIS) is required . Auf dieser Seite findest Du alle Felgen und Kompletträder für Deinen Audi, die wir hier bei Original Räder aktuell im Shop haben! This is achieved by installation of ABT Engine Control, the high-tech control unit. Go to previous page; Go to next page; 360. 360. Base model . Business. Loading... Reset. Audi 16 Zoll A1 GB Winterkompletträder Winterreifen Winterräder 82A601025A 8 mm; Audi 16 Zoll Felgen A1 II GB Alufelgen Winterreifen Winterräder 82A601025C; Originale Audi A1 / S1 GB Felgen und Kompletträder. arcon. View Deal. Lese jetzt die … The Audi A1 Citycarver is Audi's new compact SUV that's available to lease now and comes with free mainland GB delivery. Erfahrungsberichte Audi A1 GB. Mehr als 98 News, Tests und Videos zum Audi A1 von 2009 (Audi A1 8X) bis 2018 (Audi A1 GB) finden Sie im Auto-Katalog von On Audi A1s with xenon headlights *, the headlight beam settings are adjusted automatically (even during braking and acceleration). Audi Reversing Camera £ 795.00 - £ 1,295.00. We are talking about the upgraded second generation of the Audi A1. All versions of the Audi A1 are assembled at Audi’s plant in Brussels, Belgium. Click the links for more information about the fantastic Audi A1 lease deals from GB Vehicle Leasing, or call our car leasing experts on 0161 667 5338. Get a lease quote now. Audi A1 The Audi A1 (internally designated Typ 8X) is a super-mini sized economical car launched by Audi at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. A3 . Door control parts Highline for Audi A1 GB . change Series . Audi Optical Parking Sensors £ 850.00 - £ 1,795.00. Here is a list of some of the various Audi A1 models to choose from as well as what standard features to look out for: Audi A1 Audi A1 SE. Initial rental: £1,807.70 inc VAT . €1.00 * €149.00 * Details . Whatever version of your Audi A1 GB car it has hidden features that can be activated no matter what. Out of stock! This makes it easy to find suitable products for your Audi . Themenstarter am 12. This makes it easy to find suitable products for your Audi Select Series A1 citycarver (since 2020) A1 Sportback (since 2019) A1 Sportback (2015-2018) A1 Sportback (2012-2014) S1 Sportback (2015-2018) Audi A1 2.0 40TFSI (197bhp) Petrol (16v) FWD (1984cc) - GB (2018-) Hatchback SELECT. : 43536 . The Audi A1 40 TFSI is not sold in the U.S. For the 40 TFSI the performance upgrade called ABT Power increases the standard model’s 200 hp (147 kW) by a whopping 20 percent up to 240 hp (176 kW). Audi A1 Sportback > A1 > Audi configurator UK A1 Sportback. 360. 18,605.00 GBP . Read more. November 2020 um 17:38. 47 vehicles found. Model selection . With gearboxes from automatic to 6-speed manual and engine sizes from 1.0 to 2.0 litres, you'll find an A1 that'll feel as good on the road as it looks on your drive. A1 Sportback. Audi A1 GB 2018- Original Felgen. The Audi A1 data sticker Fig. The second generation A1 was launched in mid-June 2018. Sales of the initial three door A1 model started in Germany in August 2010 , with the United Kingdom following in November 2010 . Select Series . The following versions and sub-models of Audi A1 Citycarver (GB) were available in 2020: 2020 Audi A1 citycarver 25 TFSI (man. Audi will be presenting its most progressive compact model: The A1 citycarver (combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 5.5–5.1 (42.8–46.1 US mpg)*; combined CO 2 emissions in g/km: 124–117 (199.6–188.3 g/mi)*) with its body raised by a good four centimeters (1.6 in) and its robust look is the powerful big brother of the A1 Sportback. 5) specs. Remember. Select Series . Audi A1 GB 3-4 AVANT.jpg 4,032 × 3,024; 2.87 MB Audi A1 GB 40 TFSI Arrière-Coté.jpg 4,032 × 3,024; 2.79 MB Audi A1 GB 40 TFSI Arrière.jpg 4,032 × 3,024; 3.41 MB £167.38 per month exc VAT. The following versions and sub-models of Audi A1 Sportback 2nd-gen. (GB) were available in 2019: 2019 Audi A1 Sportback 25 TFSI (man. 360. Audi A1 2017 (67) 1.4 TFSI S Line 5dr £14,150; Manual; 31.9k; milesPetrol; Full Details. More Options. Das Audi A1 GB Forum für technische Probleme, Erfahrungen, Tests und Bilder mit mehr als 122 Beiträgen in der A1 8X und A1 GB Community von MOTOR-TALK. April 2019 um 21:25. A high-performance version, called the S1, is also available in three- and five-door body styles. Audi A1 GB Hidden Features Activation with VAGCOM via Remote Connection * You can look the features of other Audi cars. Recommended Audi A1 S Line cars. The Audi A1 is an upmarket supermini that is offered in three- and five-door body styles. These include the lane departure warning, the speed limiter and Audi pre sense front. change model . The supermini Audi A1 was launched in 2010 and offers the choice of 3 door and 5 door hatcback models. It is built on the MQB platform which is shared with the Volkswagen Polo Mk6 and the SEAT Ibiza Mk5. 5) specs.

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